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I have created a dashboard and set my colleague as co-owner for both the dashboard, and datasets. When someone requests access permission, I get an e-mail notification but co-owner does not. What should I do so that all co-owners get request notifications?

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Hi @Furkan_Avci ,

Could you explain how/where a user is requesting access to a dashboard ? . Would be helpful if you can paste a screenshot.

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Hi @Koushik_Muthanna ,

I shared the dashboard link with people, they go to the link, the ones without permission encounter a screen like “you are not allowed to see dashboard, please request access” . When they press request access button, I receive an e-mail notification with topic “You have a dashboard access request”. However, my question is, co-owners of the dashboard do not get this e-mail notification and I want them to also receive it.


@Koushik_Muthanna , +1 to this question. moreover,
Is there a way to disable the feature which allows users to request access to a dashboard via the quicksight UI? While i understand the benefit of this feature it creates an administrative issue as users are unaware that the team that owns the dashboard users a permissions group to control access and do not manually add them to the dashboard via the UI. Moreover, the email only goes to the person who owns the dashboard and which creates a bottleneck for requests if that person is out of office for a prolonged period of time. If disabling the feature is not available, is there a way to have these notifications go to a distribution group instead of just the owner?

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Hi @Furkan_Avci! At AWS, our roadmap is primarily driven by our customers. Your feedback helps us build a better service. I have marked this as a feature request. (You’d like co-owners to receive requests for access to dashboards.)

As a work around could you try creating a “system user” with an email group as the contact email and have this user be the owner of dashboards where you’d like to distribute the requests to more than one person?

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