Access Snowflake data through quicksight

Do I need to establish a private link from quicksight to Snowflake or the creation of dataSource directly using the creds is secure?
Any input would be helpful

Quicksight region - US East (N.Virginia)
Snowflake region - US WEST (OREGON)

Hi @suraj - If you are looking for a secure solution and data needs to be transferred securely, it is always advised to have a private link established, however it may be a costly, however you always have to put your credential for the connectivity. Now the question is which is the best approach whether the data transfer over internet or private network. Again it depends the the architecture and nature of data.

I am tagging @Bhasi_Mehta and @Karthik_Tharmarajan for their expert advise as well.

@Max - any feedback on this.

Regards - San

Here is a blog on establishing a private link if you want.

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