Access to group / email alias

Hi Team,

How to give Quicksight dashboard access to group alias?
Screen shot attached for reference.

i am not getting the group id - “dg-rulewriters-cops” to add.

Hi @nandu - Can you please ensure the group dg-rulewriters-cops exists? First list down all the QuickSight groups. If the groups are created in QuickSight and you are admin, you can get details from

  1. On the Amazon QuickSight start page, choose Manage QuickSight , and then choose Manage groups .


The details can be found from the link - Creating and managing groups in Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

Hope this info will help you.

Regards - San

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Hi Team,

Above option is not available for me and requesting for further guidance.


Hi @nandu - Looks like you are not the admin of quicksight, request your QuickSight admin or AWS admin to add you in the QuickSight admin group so that you can see this option.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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