Access to Q topics based on rules

Is it possible to control access to Q topics based on rules (user-based and tag-based)? I understand that the underlying data in the topics can be secured using row-level security but it would be nice to be able to hide topics that are not relevant to some users.

Hi David! Q Topics are like other QuickSight assets like Dashboards or Analyses – they are only available to people when they are shared with them. So if a user Bob is seeing a TopicA in their Topic selector dropdown, then the author of TopicA shared it with Bob or a group that Bob is a member of. We are considering features that make it easier for Readers to organize the topics that they have access to so that they can easily ignore Topics shared with large groups that they may be in but have no interest in.

Can you describe more about the case that you were thinking about where rules or tags would help over the existing sharing that is used?