Accessing the manifest file

A colleague who created a dataset and a dashboard left the company. We managed to get the access to this dataset and the dashboard by managing assets and sharing with the other users in the account. However, here is another problem. The data source is an S3 bucket, (manifest file was used). However, we can’t find the original manifest file and can’t open it and see the content.
We need to be able to find the original manifest file and change it. We don’t know the name of s3 bucket.
I assume that it would be possible to find the answer with aws cli command, but not sure which one. Any suggestion?

@Slavica ,

Using the API

aws quicksight describe-data-set --aws-account-id $a74 --data-set-id f2655bb8-be16-4d3d-9990-7c3b15d3650d
look for DataSourceArn


aws quicksight describe-data-source --aws-account-id $a74 --data-source-id 8a68e588-a0dc-4454-9bc1-e92021baa2c7

You will find the Amazon S3 bucket details :

“DataSourceParameters”: {
“S3Parameters”: {
“ManifestFileLocation”: {
“Bucket”: “qs-examples”,
“Key”: “qss3loadttest2/qsmanifest/sampledata1.json”

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Hi @Koushik_Muthanna,

Thank you very much for the advice. I followed your steps and was able to solve the issue.

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I tried the above, but don’t see the S3 details in the describe-data-source response. I assume this means it was uploaded through the UI when the data source was created, and not located in S3.

Is there a way to get the manifest file contents in this case?