Account Names Showing Up as Account ID’s

Account Names Showing Up as Account ID’s, is there any chance we can change?

Hi @allsite - Can you please provide more details on this like where are you observing account id instead of account name?

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Hi Sanjeeb,

Please find attached snapshot.

Hi @allsite - Thanks, need one more details, how you are creating this report. Sorry just try to understand the the issue so that we can see whether it is a problem in data selection or issue with QS.

Regards - Sanjeeb

Hi @Sanjeeb2022

Under the data set we have defined Account no and Account name, for example on of our AWS account name is AWS-R&D, the same should capture in the dashboard under account name, however it is capturing the account ID only instead of account name which is there in the main AWS.

Hi @allsite - Thanks. What is the source of this data set? Sorry for asking details around it, just trying to understand the source of the data and the flow of creating the report in QS.

Regards - SAnjeeb

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Data Source is AWS DataCatlog

Under the account map in Athena, below config is added.

line_item_usage_account_id account_id
, “max_by”(bill_payer_account_id, line_item_usage_start_date) parent_account_id
, “max_by”(line_item_usage_account_id, line_item_usage_start_date) account_name
, “max_by”(line_item_usage_account_id, line_item_usage_start_date) account_email_id

@allsite ,

Check with your internal team who is managing the view/has right to make changes to modify the SQL for values to reflect correctly.

The SQL looks like cudos data ( ) .

I will be marking this as ‘Solution’ as this is a data mapping issue which has to be fixed in the source.

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