Account Names Showing Up as Account ID's

I just finished deploying our dashboards.
AccountID correctly displays under AccountID.
However, when I select “Account Name”, I am presented with the “Account ID” instead. Since we have 33 accounts, I’m forced to go and look-up each AccountID by hand.
Is there any way to get the Account Name field to display the actual account name?

Hi, @dale.courtney. Welcome to the QuickSight Community, and thanks so much for posting your question! :slight_smile:

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Hi @dale.courtney, where are you seeing this list? Is it in a QuickSight dashboard? Where is the data coming from?
Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hey, Kristin and Steph. Thanks for reaching out.

I’m on the Cost Intelligence Dashboard. At the very top, if you click “Controls”, there’s a dropdown to choose Account ID or Account Name.

The Account Name field is being populated with the Account ID values.


@dale.courtney Looks to be a dataset issue. Have you done any joins on the dataset? Or perhaps the field names are mislabeled. Take a look directly at the dataset that you are using for this analysis and view the columns AccountID and Account Name. Let me know what you see in the Account Name column in the dataset.

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Hey, Todd.

So, I have not done any kind of joins or changed anything. I’m using this right out-of-the-box having followed the “Basic Setup” steps.

QuickSight shows zero datasets.


currently there is no column for account names and this request is on our roadmap. I am afraid that there is no easy way to achieve this at this moment