Action to show data in another table


I would like that when I click on one line of a table, it reads the id of the row and make appear data in another table according to this id (data present in another dataset).

Right now I set up an action and it works perfectly! However the looking of the table is very bad since the second table (detailed) shows all the data, and only when I click on the line of the main table it gets filtred.

I would like that the detailed table is empty and that shows data only when a line in the main table is selected…

Any suggestion?

thank you

Hello, I fixed it.

I created a parameter, I changed the action in the main table to navigate, I filtered the detailed table using to include only the parameter.

To not show the control parameter anyway, I selected hide by default so

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Thank you for letting the community know how you fixed this @remba87. :slight_smile: