Actions on a KPI

I have an action defined on a visual that is a KPI. It takes the user to a different tab/sheet that shows the details that make up the KPI. It works!

My issue is that there is no indication to the user (reader viewing the dashboard) that they can click on the number in the KPI. IE, this is a UX issue.

My workaround is to add this wording to the subtitle of the visual: Click on the number to be transferred to a visual that describes the details of this KPI (or words to that effect).

Ideally, when a KPI has an action, the visual should automatically add a javascript “on_hover” function that displays a popup balloon (message) to the user that the number is clickable.

Is there a way to do this in QuickSight already?

Second enhancement would be that the message in the popup balloon would be author definable.

Third enhancement would be to count the number of times that the user has clicked on that KPI and has been transferred to the appropriate sheet, and if the count reaches 4 or 5, then never display this popup balloon again, because they have “learned” this functionality.


You can you add action on it. create new parameter, add filter on target analysis and map this column.

Naveed Ali

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll mark this as a feature request