Add conditional formatting for each row as target value for each row is different

I want to do a conditional formatting in a pvot table where I want value to be highlighted according to other column. For example Column 1 marks Column 2 Targeted marks to pass
Targeted marks to pass
Now in above I want to highlight the marks according to the targeted marks to pass in each row. As the targeted marks is different.

@nikita_mohta you can achieve this in QuickSight using conditional formatting.For example, select the pivot table and then select conditional formatting from three dots menu (top right corner of the visual), select Marks as the column you want to format and then select formatting element (background color, text color , icon) and then select the Targeted marks to pass as the column from which values will be used for applying the conditional value. Please refer (Conditional formatting on visual types in QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight) for additional details