Add visuals to the Embedded Dashboard from the web application

Hi @Rahul_Easwar,

I have a requirement on Embedded Dashboard, like I have 10 visuals added on my dashboard, published it and embedded into my web application! Its working fine.

I got a request from my client saying that, I want user specific dashboard like the User A wants to see the Summary first and then see the charts at the same time User B wants to see the charts/tables first and then see the Summary at the last! At time User A wants to add a new Visual to the Dashboard, remove an existing visual.

This is all possible when I embed the Quicksight console , but we dont want to go to quicksight console to do that, is there any way that we can achieve this?

You can look to build out logic through API’s although that seems like it will take a lot more effort than doing it in the QuickSight console.