Adding aggregates to pivot table


I am recreating an excel pivot table in quicksight. It shows me a count on each day of the month. It also shows me the total for the month, total for that month in the previous year. and the percentage of this year/last year. Here is a view of that in excel.
The trouble I’m having is that although I have successfully created a calculated field to give me last years totals. I can’t find a way to show it in my pivot table.

I had the option to include total for in the visual settings, which works great for the current year being displayed. But I can’t seem to add on my last year’s total to the end without it trying to split day by day. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.

I understand what you’re looking for here but wish I could help. With the daily grain in the Column I wonder if it’s even possible to add the calculated measure (for last year’s total) as a single total (for the month) vs. at the daily level. I’m curious to learn about a way to do so in QuickSight.

In the meantime I would recommend displaying your totals (current year, prior year, etc.) in a separate visual similar to the example in the picture below.

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