Adding dataset in Filter like we have for Control. Is this option possible

We have the option to add dataset values as a list for the controls which loads preloaded list similarly need the option to add dataset value for the filters so that even if i select all in the controls it won’t display other data.

Control having listing dataset option

This option is required in Filters as well for first-time loading with the “select all” option

Hello @srinivasan_ab !

To clarify, are you wanting to add Filters based on specific fields in your dataset or are you wanting to add an entire dataset to a filter to use against your Control?

Do either of these help?: Connecting to parameters in Amazon QuickSight and Using filters with parameters in Amazon QuickSight

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Hello @srinivasan_ab !

Did those articles linked above help answer your question?

Hello @duncan,

Appreciate your help.

My Query is different. Let me explain in detail.

I have a dataset with multiple tenant data. I m creating a single dashboard for all tenants which loads only specific tenant data and I m in a position to provide a filter for the unique id column with select all. unfortunately, we do not have the tenant id in the dataset. So if I provide the select all option all tenant’s data will be visible.

So, To avoid displaying all tenants’ data we required a filter that has the dynamic capability to filter the tenant’s unique ids based on customer SQL statements or varying dataset based on SQL.

Hello @srinivasan_ab !

Is this what you are looking to do?: