Adding existing parameter to a new view

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I have created a parameter name P1 in sheet1, now I want to add the same parameter to sheet2, but I am not finding any option to pin to sheet or duplicate it from sheet1 to sheet2.
Is there any workaround?

hi @karanchhabra99

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Parameters are global, so when you change value of parameter, it will be used by all sheets. so I believe the parameter P1 you created can be seen in sheet2 as well ?

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@Wakana I have not fully tested all scenarios, but I created a parameter P1 in sheet1, and then created sheet2. Now I am not observing Parameter P1 in sheet2

Can you post a screenshot of what you mean with not observing Parameter P1 in sheet2 ?

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As mentioned by Wakana parameters are dashboard/global level - so they are available across sheets. More details would be needed to understand further.


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Hi @Ramon_Lopez and @Koushik_Muthanna,
Below is screenshot of the Quicksight view, I have created a parameter named ‘Phase’ in ‘sheet1’, but when I add a new sheet, I don’t see that parameter on this sheet. Is there a way to surface it here?

hi @karanchhabra99

Not clear on what you are saying. the parameter on the left pane will persist on both sheets and params created are available regardless of the sheet. Is there anywhere in particular where you are not able to use the parameter?

Hi @Ramon_Lopez,
Yes the parameter is available on the left side, but how do I pin it to the sheet so dashboard user can update the parameter values.

AH- on each tab you have to create a new control. You can do it from the 3-dots to the right of the parameter name.

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