Adding forecast to a line chart


I don’t see this ability within the tool under 3 dots of the line chart object
Why is that?


Hi Amico - What is the dimension and level of detail you using for this line chart.
Depending on the grain of the data, you need minimum data points. more info available in the link Dataset requirements for using ML insights with Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

Hi Ashok,

I’m trying to predict count of transactions per category for the coming 3 months.
I have for now 36 months of activity in my DB.
considering what’s written in the link you attached, I’m lack of 7 month for gain that prediction on the monthly level, as I need minimum of 43 months. Am I right?


With 36 months of data points, you should be able to create forecasting.
When you say 3 dots, are you using any dimension to compare 3 different lines of measure ? if yes, the forecasting for multiline is not supported today.

ok thanks for the clarification!

Is the product roadmap including expansion of this ability to other visual object like area charts?