Adding icons next to each bar


I am new to using Quicksight. I am very familiar with Tableau. I am trying to re-create a simple visual where I can add an icon alongwith the bar in a sheet, how can I add custom icon right next to a bar in Quicksight?

This is how it is done in Tableau: How to use custom shapes as axis labels in Tableau – Sarah Loves Data

Thank you

This can be done by adding calculated field with expression similar to
ifelse(Value=1, “:dress:”, “:open_umbrella:”)

You can pick emoji’s to use at

Here is how it can look Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 2.54.59 PM


So I will place the actual emoji code - (“:dress:”, “:open_umbrella:”) - in the expression?

Yes for example, if your field in the dataset is called itemType your calculation would look like this

itemType = ‘Umbrella’ , “:open_umbrella:”,
itemType = ‘Dress’, “:dress:”,