Adding job posting to Quicksight with different dates

Hi All! We have a list of job postings from company ‘X’ that we have presented in Quicksight. We are going to update this list bi-weekly. However we are struggling with adding a filter, that we can select dates (e.g. select June and then all vacancies in June will be visible) as Quicksight understand the dates as numbers and converting so much to numbers it not efficient for us. Anyone any insights that they can share with us ? Highly appreciated, thank you!

Hi @Marlieke - Welcome to AWS Quicksight community and thanks for posting the question. You can easily convert the number to string and then string to a date using parsedate function. See the document parseDate - Amazon QuickSight

Please share the sample input and expected output so that we can replicate this at our end and update you.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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