Adding Last data refresh timestamp in the Dashboard

we have requirement to add the last data refresh timestamp in the dashboard. I am wondering if there is any way to have this as part of dashboard.


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I’m assuming you are referring to SPICE refresh time?
Try adding a now() calculated field at the edit data step and this timestamp will be refreshed everytime SPICE refreshes.
You can then use this to display in your dashboard as SPICE last refresh date.


Thanks @seinchyi ,This worked for me. I Appreciate your time in helping me out

Hi Mounika,

I’ve also encountered this question and I’ve also successfully used the above recommendation, but it doesn’t cover all my use cases. For example, when your SPICE dataset refreshes it doesn’t mean your data is current. I found that one of my redshift tables had a 18 hour lag due to other dependencies. When I used now(), it confused my customers who saw the hourly refresh time assuming all data was current as of that date & time when it only tells you how long ago the refresh was triggered.

If I want to see how current my data I recommend this:

Instead of using now() I recommend using max() and find a date column that works best. Say you are looking at a list of customer orders, you may look for a field like transaction_date or processed_date. In my case I was looking at a transcript for training. So I used the completed_date column.

One other tip, Instead of using Insight I prefer the WordCloud visual, since it keeps it centered and pretty. There might be a better way, but I prefer this. However, you have to CAST or CONVERT to CHAR. I use this:

,to_char(SELECT max(DATE) FROM TABLE),'YYYY-MM-DD HH12:MI PM') AS current_data_flag

Which ultimately appears in my word cloud visual like:

In order to reference that field in your insight, did you need to add a Computation like ‘Maximum’ or something? I think that’s what I’ve had to do in the past. Add a metric and your ‘now’ field (which you added in data prep) to the insight, then add a Maximum computation, then you can insert the Maximum.timeValue,formattedValue variable into the narrative:

could you explain to me where to add the now() calculated field in order to see when spice updates? i dont undertsand where to put it in the dataset or in the analysis