Adding my Site to the Behind the Smile dashboard

Team, how can I add my site SMF5 to this dashboard

Hi @eespinel

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Are you trying to embed another web page in the QuickSight dashboard ?
Could you please try using “custom visual content” . Please follow the below documentation link for step by step instructions.

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No, my site SMF5 is not part of the dashboard but the other sites from my subregion are.


Hi @eespinel,
The community may be able to better assist if you could share an example screenshot of the desired outcome (please remove any confidential information).
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I believe @eespinel and I have the same issue. In my case, a new data center, IAD134, has recently gone live in the Chantilly cluster but is not reporting in Quicksight. I need to add it. In the screenshot below, the 8 existing Chantilly data centers are listed, but IAD134 is not: