Adjust step size for x-axis

Hello Quicksight community,
Is there a way to adjust the step size of the X-axis on a line chart? I have the case that I want to display two graphs, each with a different step size, in one diagram. In one graph, the step size is 1000, in the other 313 (yes I know the crooked step size seems strange, but it is actually true).

As a result, the display of one of the two graphs is slightly distorted. In addition, the tick marks on the x-axis are equidistant in representation, but not from the actual values.

Is there a solution to such a case? Or is it possible to adjust the x-axis so that both graphs are based on the step size of one specific graph?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards

Are you talking about this?

This is editing the y-axis of the line chart.

Hello Max,
thank you for your answer. Yes I have already seen this. However, I am looking for a way to adjust the X-axis step size. Somehow the option is missing when you unfold the X-Axis tab. Or is there any trick or workaround how to realize this?

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There isn’t a work around unless you figure a way to group your metrics.