Admin console/datasets only showing 3 months of data

I have an admin console working in quicksight, but am noticing it’s only getting data from the last 3 months. Is there a reason for this limit? I can’t find where to increase this limit. The data is being drawn in from a lambda function, then queried by Athena into quicksight if that helps anyone figure this out. Thanks!

can share where is the data source, can check if it has more than 3 months data?
can check if any filter was applied in the dashboard or the dataset?
assume you are using SPICE, are you using full data refresh or incremental refresh?

There is no filter on the dataset or dashboard. When I try to filter to for example January, there’s no data. Yesterday it had data up to June 8th, today the earliest is June 9th. It is a full refresh schedule. I will check the datasource.

Yes, the datasource has data more than 3 months ago

if no filter was applied in dataset, suggest trying to create a table in analysis and see whether you can see the old data in there.

If not, suggest raising a support ticket

I can’t see the old data, I can create a ticket. I just wanted to check here first, thanks.

thanks @ineedqshelp, one other reason can be… if you are using custom SQL in dataset, there is a condition applied in the SQL


Yes, that was the issue, I found it in the SQL, thank you!

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