Advanced Pivot Bar Chart, Sankey Diagram and Network Mapping like Tableau?

Does QuickSight plan to support advanced Pivot Bar Chart, Sankey Diagram and Network Mapping like Tableau?

Sankey chart is available in quicksight. more information on available in this link

Network Mapping is not our roadmap at this time. And for the Pivot Bar Chart, can you share the sample screenshot for reference, we can take a look and confirm.

Is “Pivot Bar Chart” an ability to show bars inside a pivot table? It is on our list of features that we want to provide in the future however we don’t have a date yet (the work has not been started).

At the moment we don’t have many customers asking for Network Mapping visual yet so it has not been prioritized yet.

But the Sankey Chart in quicksight does not allow us to add multiple nodes as the order we wanted.

Here is a sample of pivot bar chart.

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Can you please provide a list of features you would like to see in the Sankey diagram. Hearing more details will help us understand your needs and prioritize investments better. Do you want to configure Sankey diagram differently? Do you want to have control over the layout of the nodes? What else?

Thanks for a pivot bar chart example. This is similar to what we have discussed in our roadmap.

Yes, Quciksight currently supports multi level mapping. - *Updated

Sankey diagrams in QuickSight can have multiple levels. You can see examples of that in the documentation article linked above.

Currently you configure Sankey diagram by providing connections/links between nodes and QuickSight figures out what nodes the diagram should have and at what level those nodes should be.
I wonder if you would like to configure it differently. How do you imagine being able to configure the Sankey diagram?

I’d image that QS will allow user to add multiple nodes or levels of nodes, like node1, node2, node3, etc and the weighted of flow in between.

Looking forward to being able to assign tooltips using a column data, e.g. “description”.