Aggregate with more than one field

Hello team,
Is it possible to perform operations such as sum, average etc. aggregating values ​​by selecting multiple fields?
Example: I have the current values ​​of all Europe for various metrics in the last weeks, I would like to show the daily ratio depending on the warehouse, the week and the metric. I suppose I should use a formula like: sum({actuals})/sumOver(sum({actuals}),[{warehouse},{weeknum},{metric}]).
Is it correct/feasible? Do you have any suggestions or something simpler I can do?
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Hi @abbonif,

Thanks for your question in the Community and for joining the Learning Series session earlier today.

I will try to provide a solution based on your example.

In my solution I have Cities (equivalent to your warehouses), Order Dates and a Sales metric.

My calculated field, dailyRatio, is defined as

sumOver(sum(Sales),[City,truncDate('WK',{Order Date})])/sum(Sales)

This sums the Sales metric grouped by City and the date (truncated to Week level) and then divides by the daily Sales total.
I can then build a table visual as follows (highlighting London as an example):

Note - I’ve also included columns using calculated fields for the truncated date, truncDateWK and the weekly sales total per city, weeklySumPerLocation.

Let me know if this helps for your scenario.

Many Thanks,