Aggregation with SUM is not working

Hello, I have a data source in which I have theses columns : name, month (as integer), md (float).
for a given name, and a given month, I have many entries.
I want to add another column (calculated fiels) in which I calculated the sum of {md} for a given name and field.
I used this syntax to do: sum({md},[{FULL_NAME},{monthnum}])
unfortunately, I get this error when I do so :

Function SUM should have 1 argument(s) instead of 2 argument(s).

can you help me to solde this please

Hmmm, it’s working for me.

You sure you are doing this in the quicksight calculated field portion, and not sql?

This is mine and it works.


I am having the same issue and it is in the calculated field portion. As soon as I hit the Save button, the red squiggly line appears and the Save button becomes disabled. Feels like a LAC-A library or something should be imported somewhere, but I would not know where to do that.

I was trying to add a field on the dataset level in QuickSight. LAC does not seem to work from there. When adding a calculated field by adding it from an analysis (open analysis, click the add button in the top lef corner and select ‘add calculated field’) LAC does work.

Let me clarify, I think you are trying to create a calculated filed in “DataSet” by this formula “sum({md},[{FULL_NAME},{monthnum}])” and see the error message “Function SUM should have 1 argument(s) instead of 2 argument(s)”

If you want to pre-aggregate this summation in dataset you should use sumOver, if I refer to your example, it should be sumOver(sum(md), [{FULL_NAME}, {monthnum}] )

SumOver reference: sumOver - Amazon QuickSight

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