Allowing authors that aren't IAM users in account

the way my QuickSight account works is I log into AWS as an IAM user, then take on an IAM role and have admin access when I enter quicksight through the AWS console. It automatically generates a username like IAMRole/IAMuser. I also have a reader account separately not attached to my IAM user. I can log into QuickSight directly (not through the AWS console) when I use my reader account, but not when I use my admin account. So far the only users we’ve added to the account have all been readers, or authors/admins that already have AWS accounts. We are thinking of adding some QuickSight authors that do not currently have AWS accounts, would it be possible to Just add them as authors in QuickSight without them having access to the AWS console? or would they need both accounts? Thanks in advance.

You can add users directly to QuickSight without them having access to AWS. You would do this through the admin console in QuickSight. You get to this under the profile in the upper right corner and then click on “Manage QuickSight”.

You can see more on managing users here: Managing user access inside Amazon QuickSight - Amazon QuickSight

Thank you, I appreciate it!