Amazon Connect provides Zero-ETL analytics data lake to access contact center data

Posted on: May 31, 2024

Amazon Connect announces the general availability of analytics data lake, a single source for contact center data including contact records, agent performance, Contact Lens insights, and more — eliminating the need to build and maintain complex data pipelines. Organizations can create their own custom reports using Amazon Connect data or combine data queried from third-party sources using zero-ETL.

Analytics data lake enables contact center managers to leverage BI tools of their choice, such as QuickSight, to analyze the information that matters most to improving customer experience and operational efficiency. That could include a customized view of metrics like service level, combining performance insights with third-party data like CRMs, or using contact center data to inform AI/ML models and contact center optimization opportunities. For example, managers can visualize which agents have the highest customer satisfaction for calls about lost orders and then adjust routing profiles to staff their queues with the ideal agents to achieve their desired business outcomes.

Amazon Connect data lake supports querying engines like Amazon Athena and data visualization applications like Amazon QuickSight or other third-party business intelligence (BI) applications. The Amazon Connect analytics data lake is available in all the AWS Regions where Amazon Connect is available. To learn more and get started, visit the Amazon Connect website and the API documentation.

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