Amazon Q Topics menu not in embedding console

After embedding the QS console in the web, we did not see the Amazon Q Topics menu. Is this expected? If so, why is it designed like this?

And we can not see the Build visual with Q button in analyses menu too.

Sorry for the delay. Thank you for letting us know. I would recommend filing a case with AWS Support where we can dive into the details so that we can help you further. Here are the steps to open a support case. If your company has someone who manages your AWS account, you might not have direct access to AWS Support and will need to raise an internal ticket to your IT team or whomever manages your AWS account. They should be able to open an AWS Support case on your behalf. Hope this helps!

@mingfeiq Topics and Build visual are currently not available in the embedded console.

Could you please brief on your use case for needing topics in the embedded console (since there is a separate embedding for Q&A available). This will help us appropriately position these features in our product roadmap.