Amazon QuickSight adds hide collapsed columns control for Pivot table

Amazon QuickSight now offers the hide collapsed column control to help users better manage collapsed columns in their pivot tables. Authors can use this control to automatically hide collapsed row header fields, eliminating the need for unnecessary scrolling and making pivot tables look more compact and organized. To learn more, click here.

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This is great!
If we could automatically hide metric columns that only have null values, then we can create a pivot table, where the reader can customize the columns himself, without layering multiple tables over each other.


@thomask This is great! How would you hide the column that contain null though? I only see Pivot options to hide +/- buttons, hide single metric, and hide collapsed columns.

could you show an picture screen for this feature?

Hi @Amanda Is this helpful?

thank you~
Hope there is a screenshot for this feature effect, the doc do not show how the table would be like if you enable the feature.