Amazon QuickSight Partners Viz Challenge H1-2023 Winners!

Amazon QuickSight recently hosted its 1st external data visualization design competition of 2023–enabling Amazon QuickSight partners to show off their visual analytics and storytelling skills! More than 70 partners globally were invited to participate–Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery Program, ASAP Embedded Analytics, and ASAP BI Migration participants.

1st Place Winner, Jeremy Wood: Qalius (Canada)


First place was won by Jeremy Wood from partner, Qalius Amazon QuickSight Dashboard - Visualize Your Data (CA) | Dashboard Link . Jeremy submitted a highly creative dashboard to support a “Beat the Flu” campaign (fictional) in Ontario hospitals (fictional). These hospitals are engaged in a friendly competition to reach 1,000,000 seasonal influenza vaccinations. Jeremy applied top-notch design techniques making this dashboard highly interactive, e.g., applicable to general public, physicians, and hospital administrators to engage with the “Beat the Flu” campaign. Well done, Jeremy!

2nd Place Winner, Erik Göllner: Woodmark Consulting (Germany)

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Second place was won by Erik Göllner from our partner Woodmark Consulting (DE) | . Erik built a soccer league standings dashboard that is engaging, interactive and thought provoking. Erik’s dashboard attracts soccer enthusiasts to analyze team and player performance. The choice of right visuals mixed with impressive rendering makes playing with Erik’s dashboard immensely fun.

3rd Place Winner (tie), Akhila Reddy Baddam: Wavicle (US)


3rd Place Winner (tie), Liam Yusuph: Reply (UK)


For the 3rd place, we declared a tie: Akhila Reddy Baddam from our partner Wavicle (US) | Dashboard Link and Liam Yusuph from our partner Reply (UK) | Dashboard Link. Akhila’s dashboard incites car dealers to make informed decisions on which vehicles to market at various popular locations. This dashboard displays infographics that tell a story in a cohesive way. Liam’s dashboard addresses the question as to whether installation of charging ports increases the purchases of Telsa cars in the US. Liam’s dashboard brings infographics into an area where limited data challenges us to apply thought leadership.

How was the Amazon QuickSight Viz Challenge 2023 Organized?
The Amazon QuickSight Viz Challenge H1-2023 was organized from March 23 to April 20 in a virtual environment. This Viz Challenge was a data visualization design competition that let Amazon QuickSight partners show off their visual analytics and storytelling skills using Amazon QuickSight. The storytelling was based on a business problem that partners are given the opportunity to identify and be solved by building an Amazon QuickSight dashboard. The steps to join the challenge were:

  1. Identify a dataset of your interest from the AWS Marketplace > Delivery Method > AWS Data Exchange. Recommended: Search for synthetic data by typing “Synthetic data” in the search box.
  2. Download one of the readily available data or build synthetic data using one of the synthetic data generators and download the file in your local machine.
  3. Create Amazon QuickSight dataset using this local downloaded file and build a dashboard that tells a compelling story visually.

The submissions are evaluated on below criteria by evaluated 4 QuickSight experts-

  • Applicability/ importance - The business case is well thought out to address a specific business problem. The dashboard can be reused.
  • Storytelling - The visuals are telling a single coherent story that accurately represents the data.
  • Creativity - The visuals are built with advanced visual types, embedded images with easy-to-use interactivity and insights.
  • Design - The visuals are appealing. Presence of a consistent color scheme, navigations, highlights etc. are considered to be good design.