Amazon QuickSight Partners Viz Challenge Winners!

Amazon QuickSight recently hosted its very first external data visualization design competition–enabling Amazon QuickSight Partners to show off their visual analytics and storytelling skills! 73 Partners globally were invited to participate–Amazon QuickSight Service Delivery (SDP) partners, ASAP Embedded Analytics, and ASAP BI Migration participants.

We plan to run these competitions regularly through 2023, collaborate with the AWS Parner Network (APN) team, post a blog with the winners and announce winners in the QuickSight Community to foster continued conversations.

1st Place Winner, Eleanor Meriwether: TensorIoT (US)

First place was won by Eleanor Meriwether from partner, TensorIoT (US) . Eleanor submitted a beautiful dashboard in the style of an infographic, mixing creativity, design originality and storytelling ability, while answering all the business questions and taking into consideration art and visualization best practices!

2022-10-24_17-01-08 (1)

2nd Place Winner, Liam Yusuph: Data Reply (UK)

Second place was won by Liam Yusuph from our partner, Data Reply (UK) (Dashboard Link). Liam made use of dynamic rendering through conditional rules–functionality released in QuickSight three months ago. He also enriched the presentation by adding a creative background and overlaying visual graphics and the use of positioning functionality, while answering the business questions.


3rd Place Winner, Bradley Ditch: Ironside (US)

Third place was won by Bradley Ditch from our partner, Ironside Group (US) (Dashboard Link). Bradley provided a highly aesthetic, harmonious, and effective dashboard while answering all the business questions.


How was the Amazon QuickSight Viz Challenge 2022 Organized?
The Amazon QuickSight Viz Challenge 2022 was organized from September 11 to October 7 in a virtual environment. This Viz Challenge was a data visualization design competition that let Amazon QuickSight Partners show off their visual analytics and storytelling skills using Amazon QuickSight. The storytelling was based on a business problem given to partners and solved by building an Amazon QuickSight dashboard. The dashboard was intended to answer a challenging business question using data visualization best practices in Amazon QuickSight. The steps to join the challenge were:

  1. Download the official challenge data set Supply Chain Shipment Pricing Data .
  2. Analyze the dataset using Amazon QuickSight and build your dashboard.
  3. Share your dashboard with us by deploying it into a public web portal. To learn more on how to publish your dashboard into a public URL: Anonymous Embedding.

Business Challenge Presented for the Amazon QuickSight Viz Challenge 2022
A Procurement Director at a HealthCare Provider has asked you to design a dashboard about medical supplies pricing. The director is interested to learn how the pricing of various product groups are affected and overall trend of pricing.

The HealthCare provider is launching a new line of service which requires vendors in this dataset to supply equipments. This dashboard will be used by the director to drive decisions on vendor selection with optimal cost and shipment delays.