An unknown error occurred while updating the dataset using custom SQL

Hi, fellow
The error occurs when I clicked “Saved & Publish” button for updated.

I completely turned off the window, logged out, and tried several times, but the error continues to appear.

Can't perform this action
An unknown error has occured

What is the unknown error?
be embarrassed by a very unkind error
Tell me how to solve this problem

Thank You.

What’s the datasource for your SQL? Is it Redshift? another SQL database? an uploaded file?

I use Athena datasource!

check your sql syntax.


Please test by using 1 column of your dataset in the custom sql and then click “Save & Publish”. If it works, maybe then test the remaining columns.

What you could also do is execute the SQL in Athena to validate if it runs.

Thanks to reply.
but, SQL syntax is OK


Hope you might have solved the problem by now.
I have noticed this error when the dataset to be updated has RLS.
May be try remove RLS and update again.