Analysis Created with AWS CLI Not Visible in Analysis Section

I recently created an analysis using the create-analysis command in the AWS CLI. I received an API response that indicates the analysis was created successfully. However, when I navigate to the QuickSight analysis section, I cannot find the newly created analysis there.

What could be the reasons for the analysis not showing up in the QuickSight console and how can I solve this? Are there any specific permissions or settings I should check to ensure the analysis is visible?

Hi @bi28 - When you create an analysis via the CLI (or SDK) you need to make sure to add the relevant permissions. That can be done either at creation time or post creation. You should be able to see the newly created analysis using the list-analyses API call.

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Ran this code in the CLI

aws quicksight update-analysis-permissions --aws-account-id [ACCOUNT ID] --analysis-id [ANALYSIS ID] --grant-permissions Principal=arn:aws:quicksight:[REGION]:[ACCOUNT ID]:user/default/[USERNAME],Actions=quicksight:RestoreAnalysis,quicksight:UpdateAnalysisPermissions,quicksight:DeleteAnalysis,quicksight:QueryAnalysis,quicksight:DescribeAnalysisPermissions,quicksight:DescribeAnalysis,quicksight:UpdateAnalysis

Source: UpdateAnalysisPermissions - Amazon QuickSight

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