Analysis_id was not found for analysis name

Hi there,
I have an analysis in lower environment & I tried to migrate this analysis as Dashboard to higher environment by running scripts. I got the error 'ERROR: analysis_id was not found for analysis name: ’
Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Can you share with us how you are doing this?

Are you just trying to share your analysis with a different user in the same account? Or do you need to migrate to different AWS accounts?

In order to share between accounts you need to create a template and share that template to the new account. Then create an analysis from that template.


  1. aws quicksight create-template (create template from analysis)
  2. aws quicksight update-template-permissions (share template to new account)
  3. aws quicksight create-analysis (create analysis in new account from template)
  4. aws quicksight update-analysis-permissions (share it to the user)

If you are trying to share in the same account with a new user then you only need to update-analysis-permissions

  1. aws quicksight update-analysis-permissions
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Hi Max,
Thanks for the response. The way I’m doing here is

  1. Create an analysis eg: ‘Orders_analysis’ in sandbox environment based on a dataset ‘Orders’
  2. I want to move this ‘orders_analysis’ to non prod environment. For that, I will first move my dataset ‘Orders’ to non prod & then call a json script that moves my ‘orders_analysis’ to non prod but as a ‘Dashboard’. Whoever has access in non prod for this dashboard, they can only see an uneditable dashboard (‘orders_analysis’ is available only in Sbx environment)
  3. However, when I run the script to move sbx analysis to non prod dashboard, I get the analysis id missing error sometimes.

We have 3 environments (as in 3 accounts) once logged into AWS account.
Hope the above explanation answers your question?

Hmm, have you tried doing it with creating a template and sharing that template?

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Hi @likhitha,

As Max mentioned, you will need to create a template first. You can also find help and detailed steps of porting QuickSight content from one environment to another in our workshop.