Analysis level joining or unioning of datasets for Authors

It’d be nice if there was a way to perform a union (append all rows from one dataset to another, more rows) or join (key based join, more columns, and more rows depending on join) at the analysis / dashboard level.

Right now you can only perform these operations at the dataset level, for my use case users do not get access to dataset level operations just analysis / dashboard ones. Currently they are able to create calculated fields, which is awesome, but it’d be even better if they could mix together datasets too.

If I remember correctly you can do this with comparable BI tools like powerBI… haven’t used it in a long time, so I could be wrong. For example in the below screenshot I’ve selected two datasets and this modal pops up when I try to add more. If the author had the option to union / join from here that’d be super useful. Or even being able to do it from the field list on the left hand side, I think that’s how powerBI’s UI does it.


Hi Sean!
You are correct union of tables/datasets is not currently supported. This is a product feature request and I will tag this accordingly. You can’t join tables in an analysis; however, you can join tables in QuickSight data prep.