Analysis visualisation rebuild EVERY time I add fields to my dataset?

Apologies if this has been asked before as I’m new here today… I’ve scanned but cant find my answer.

I have built a relatively simple but time-consuming (maybe a days worth) table based analysis, lots of renaming and moving around of columns and ultimately got it how my client wants it, only to find there are missing fields in my dataset.

I add the missing fields to my dataset and come back to my analysis only to find that it no longer recognises the dataset, it has changed too much ?

Help please, as the client will constantly ask for new things and I cant spend a day at a time EACH time rebuilding the analysis…

Adding new fields isn’t supposed to break your analysis if you don’t rename any of your existing fields.

Thats exactly what I would expect, and yet I get:

‘Fields for this visual no longer in analysis - you can re-add the fields, or remove this visual’

Also the filters on my visual say:

'Unknown fetch failure Unable to to fetch filter values. Refresh later or use the “custom filter list”. ’

Hi @Ash Have you solved this issue? I’m also getting the UNKNOWN_FETCH_FAILURE error.