Anonymous Embedding

Hi all,

I am trying to embed QuickSight dashboard with anonymous embedding website using 1-click embed code. However, I see a blank screen in place of the dashboard within the website. If I click the link in the iframe, I am able to open the dashboard in browser. Any suggestions why that would be? I have whitelisted the website domain in the QuickSight.


Hi Hiral. Have you followed the steps outlined here: Embedding dashboards for registered users with a 1-click embed code - Amazon QuickSight

yes. I followed all the steps in that link. I just get blank iframe on my internal website. If I hover on it, it says the content is blocked, contact the site owner for the issue.

Please make sure that you allowlist the domain where you are trying to embed QuickSight. Without that, the browser will not allow rendering of QS content due to content security policy.

Yes I did this. Its part of the steps in above comment.

API-based Embedding for anonymous users and Existing 1-click embedding code are two different ways of embedding, need different implementation, and follow different authentication mechanism

Hi, @Test123. We hope Vijay’s solution worked for you. Let us know if this is resolved. (And if it is, we’d love it if you could mark his answer as a “Solution.”) Thanks!