Any quick pointers of quicksight pros

We’re proposing quicksight reporting solution to a client who is in process of doing data migration to AWS. They’re already have spotfire and powerbi as enterprise reporting solution. What can be some good points I can talk them through to simulate the discussion to get them interested in QS.

The points I already have in mind are, since QS is AWS native it will have lesser admin overhead compared to if they use spotfire turnkey or power bi report server on aws. If they continue with power bi saas they will have to setup gateway on aws to allow transfer of data which will cause additional costs. Spotfire is very costly as is.

They’re dashboards are pretty simple, so not sure about pitching AI/ML features. What can be some other pro’s of QS which I can talk about, any suggestions?

One of the main reasons we switched to QuickSight is the usage-based pricing.


Adding @Jesse for some help to pitch QS’s benefit comparing with other competitors.

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QS is pretty easy to learn, especially as an Author. Their ew feature velocity is pretty high, and it’s quite easy to add additional users, and limit their access to data, dashboards, etc.

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