Any solution for multi-currency reporting?

Hi everyone,

We are using Quicksight to embed dashboards for our customers. We have customers in different countries with different currencies. We are using row level security, so it’s no problem to make sure revenue values use the correct currency for each customer.
But we would also like every customer to see their revenue data in tables/charts with a €, $ or £ prefix.
I am aware that one workaround for tables is using the currency symbol as a separate text field. However, as we have quite a few monetary values in our reports, my preference is still a prefix for the same field as the value. Is there any way to dynamically add a prefix to a value (e.g. from a parameter)?


Bernhard, we too have asking for the ability to use a field containing the currency code, EUR, USD, CAD, etc to format a currency field with the appropriate symbol. It is on the QS roadmap, but I have not heard of a date for implementation.

Our current way to display this is to show two fields, onewith corporation’s home currency symbol and the amount converted to the home currency; then we also show the amount in local (original) currency without any currency symbol.