API / Programmatic Creation of Analyses and Sheets

Looking to find a way to manage Quicksight Dashboards across accounts.

As I understand it, Dashboards contain Analyses, and Analyses contain sheets.

Jumping from CLI / API version 1->2, the ability to add Analyses was added to the API. However it appears there is no obvious way to create the component sheets via the API.

Is there any way to manage these programmatically as JSON, or is it only possible via the Quicksight Console?

Thank you for the question. This is in our roadmap. Please keep watching our What’s New post in AWS. Out of curiosity, what’s your use case for creating visuals/sheets programmatically?

Hi Kareem,

I’m not the OP but I have a similar need. Here are a few things I’d like to accomplish by programmatically creating analyses:

  • Eliminate Manual Work: Creating Quicksight reports involves a lot of repetitive click-and-drag work. It would be more efficient to replace this with code.
  • Improve Re-usability: Re-using content in Quicksight is a very click intensive manual process. Code is easier to reuse for similar work.
  • Improve Precision: Click-intensive manual processes are naturally error prone. Giving users the ability to script out analysis creation reduces the potential for error.

Would like to see this too. It is extremely frustrating not having the ability to programmatically define analysis and/or dashboards.

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Here is preview of what metadata definition looks like : https://democentral.learnquicksight.online/#Dashboard-FeatureDemo-Assets-As-Code

I am facing a similar problem, and the above given URL is not working.

@Koushik_Muthanna, If you can share the solution again, I would like to see.

@KareemAWS_QS My use case for creating visuals/sheets programmatically

I have visual data available to bind in the sheet for example (positions and types of visuals with source data) and I want to update the analysis with my updated sheets programmatically.

@KareemAWS_QS , Do you have any confirm date to release?