API - Snapshot Job methods deprecated?

Please review the following python script:

import boto3

client = boto3.client('quicksight', 'us-east-1')

aws_account_id = '#########'

dashboard_id = '##############'

    snapshot_job_info = client.describe_dashboard_snapshot_job(

    print(f"Snapshot Job ID for Dashboard {dashboard_id}: {snapshot_job_info['SnapshotJobId']}")

except Exception as e:
    print(f"Error retrieving Snapshot Job for Dashboard {dashboard_id}: {str(e)}")

This outputs the following error:

‘QuickSight’ object has no attribute ‘describe_dashboard_snapshot_job’.

From here, I reviewed the list of available methods, and sure enough, the ‘describe_dashboard_snapshot_job’ method was not listed, nor were any other methods related to snapshot jobs. However, these are still listed in the most recent API and boto3 documentation. Why are the snapshot job methods not available if they’re still listed in the documentation?

Listing available boto3 Quicksight methods:

import boto3

client = boto3.client('quicksight', 'us-east-1')

methods = dir(client)

for method in methods:

Hi @Ben_Berliner
Can you please check if you have the latest QuickSight client in the boto3?


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Hi @n_vetri thanks for the response. Yes I can confirm I’m using the latest version according to the documentation of boto3 (1.28.61)

Hi @n_vetri , just uninstalled and re-installed boto3, and now I see it!
Unfortunately, I’m getting this error when trying the start_dashboard_snapshot_job method for FormatType PDF:

‘This API action is supported only when the account has an active paginated reports add-on plan.’

Isn’t this add-on only necessary when attempting an excel or csv?

HI, I also got same error, for trying start_dashboard_snapshot_job for exporting into pdf:

“log”: "com.amazonaws.services.quicksight.model.UnsupportedPricingPlanException: This API action is supported only when the account has an active paginated reports add-on plan. (Service: AmazonQuickSight; Status Code: 403; Error Code: UnsupportedPricingPlanException; Request ID: bf7856db-0362-41df-a9dc-4bd293cece77; Proxy: null)\n\tat

Is it necessary to have active paginated reports add-on. please help me with that

Hello @swapnilbhande @Ben_Berliner ! CC: @n_vetri

I looked through the documentation and found that while it does not explicitly mention having the paginated reporting subscription it does mention the paginated report. However, I agree that it is not very clear on the distinction.

I will mark this as a feature request for the Quicksight team.