API to export from visual/dashboard

Is there QuickSight APIs that can allow to export dashboard or visual as PDFs and CSV ?

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Hi @akhila.john - Thanks for your question. At present, the export of dashboard or visual is possible from QuickSight UI and there is no API available. We can mark this as a feature request.

Hi @DylanM and @duncan - can you please advise on this?

Regards - Sanjeeb

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So what about Snapshot Export APIs ?

Hello @akhila.john, I believe this StartDashboardSnapshotJob API is the only way to achieve this programatically. I was looking through the documentation to see if there is an alternative option for downloading PDFs or CSVs but this seems like the best bet.

This blog is geared towards financial statements, but it has a lot of information about the Snapshot Export APIs that you may find helpful.

I will mark this as the solution, but let me know if you have any remaining questions. Thank you!