Application of single select control filter constricts visual to only display data represented in filtered dataset

Hello! We have created a visual in a dashboard that represents survey responses. We intentionally want to display all possible responses on the bar chart–even if some response categories weren’t selected by survey respondents. This gives the dashboard user a better understanding of the possible scale of responses when viewing what survey respondents did select. With a manipulation to the initial dataset, we have figured out a way to set up our visual to display all possible responses. Super!

However, now when I apply a control filter to the visual that is a single select drop down, the visual suddenly constricts to only display data for responses represented in the filtered dataset.

This isn’t what we want. If I make the control filter multi-select I don’t have the same constriction to the visual and it goes back to the original (displaying y values 1-10), but a cleaner design for the user would be to have the control filter set up as a single select filter.

Does anyone know if this is a bug or if it is an intentional Quicksight design, or if there is a work around? Thanks for the help and advice!

Hello @kakervall, I am thinking you may be able to use a your control value from your single select to filter the way you want through the use of a calculated field. When the single select control is used, what are you wanting to happen on this specific visual? I am assuming the options in the control dropdown are the possible survey responses, am I right?

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Hi @DylanM! Thanks for your response. Yes, we are working with survey data and we want to be able to see all the possible responses the respondent had in the survey, but just the data bars for the responses that were selected, of course. So what we want is what is represented in the top screenshot that shows response options 1-10, but just 6-10 have data displayed because respondents only selected those options the taking the survey. We have created this visual by joining two datasets together with a left join and take the field for the y-axis from dataset 1 and the value for the visual from dataset 2. I hope this helps explain.

However, when I put the filter on the visual (and the filter is set to be a single select control), it constricts to only show the values that people selected (6-10). If I leave the filter as a multi_select control, I can still see all options 1-10. This is what I want–except having a single select filter would be a cleaner design, so I’d love to figure out a way to have that. Does that make sense?

Hello @kakervall, yes I believe I see what you are saying, what if instead of directly filtering based on the control selection, you used the parameter value in a calculated field. Create an ifelse to see if the parameter value matches the y-axis value, return that value, else return 0 (NULL should also work if you don’t filter the visual to exclude NULLS).

This should allow you to use a single select and ensure that all 10 rows remain on the y-axis!

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