Apply Default Filter for registered User

We have a dashboard created in QS and a registered user is created via federated AWS IAM and the same role is used by the application to render the dashboard.

The application is built on Ruby on rails and the embed URL is generated using generate_embed_url_for_registered_user.

Now the expectation is that the dataset in the QS dashboard need to be applied with a default filter

Assume the data in the dashboard to be

User Id Col1 Col2
1 X Y
2 A B

If the user 1 logs we need only the data

User Id Col1 Col2
1 X Y

We created a filter similar to AWS Quicksight - Using Parameters

How should we extract only the filtered data in rails

Tried the following but it is of no use

aws_account_id: ACCOUNT_ID,
experience_configuration: {
dashboard: {
initial_dashboard_id: DASHBOARD_ID
user_arn: USER_ARN,
parameters: { “user_id”: 1 }

Hi @ArunYubi - have you looked at RLS in Quicksight?

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@SD_QS Yeah we exlored RLS as well. But we do not want to create multiple users in QS as the user list in our platform is expected to grow indefinitely.

Hence we went with creating only one registered user in QS and the application assuming role of the user and fetching the embedded URL filtered by user id with the application logged in user.

Hi @ArunYubi - In that case you need to create groups and apply RLS. RLS can be implemented at user level and group level as well. Please explore that option.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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