Apply same filter across multiple sheets

//In demo dashboards in quicksights community, i browsed through tips and tricks and found out Interactivity-Prompts dashboard where one sheet is used for only controls which is used filter out all sheets and when i tried to replicate it is not happening for my dashboard, is that feature really available?//

@cx-ex-quicksight As of now, the way to apply filters across sheets is using parameters. You can create a parameter and use that in filters created on different sheets. The control would control the parameter value and hence the filters to apply same setting across sheets.

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parameters work great for us, and we use them a lot. In fact I only learned about filters without a parameter only recently.

Anyhow, working with parameters is a three step process.

  1. Create a parameter for the analysis
  2. for each sheet in the analysis, create a control that is based on that parameter.
  3. as necessary, for each visual on each sheet, create a filter that references the parameter (or use the functionality on the filter that says to apply this filter to all visuals using this dataset on this sheet).

Once you get the hang of creating parameters, controls, and filters, one can get crazy with this. We have dashboards with a dozen parameters, so name your parameters and controls well so that someone a year later can figure out what the intent was.

Also the values that the user selects from a control based on a parameter, can be embedded in titles and subtitles of visuals, ie you can embed a parameter into a title or subtitle.

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Thank you, yeah i was able to resolve my issue,
How can we embedded the value of control in title or subtitle?

When you click on the pencil for a visual, and click on on Format Visual and Edit Titles the list of available paraments to insert into the title is on the right side of the dialog box.

Hi - Can we use relative filtering in this? I used the above steps but can only filter data using " JAN,2023" where I want to be able to select previous year, prev month etc