Applying a theme to a Q topic

Is it possible to apply a theme to a Q topic? All the visuals that are used in answers use the default topic and there doesn’t seem to be a way to change it.

Hi David, we don’t currently support changing the Q theme within the QuickSight app itself.

However, in the embedded Q bar scenario, the embedQSearchBar function takes a qSearchBarOptions that has a themeId field where one can pass in the guid of the theme to apply to visuals there. This is documented here:

Hi Greg,

We actually tried this but we’re getting an error. Is this a permission related issue? We used UpdateThemePermissions to give the entire namespace access to the theme and it still didn’t work.

Embed Quicksight Q - Theme

Hi David, yes it seems proper permission is still not granted in your embedded environment. I’d recommend double checking how your permissions are configured and perhaps sharing with a specific QS user/group within the namespace.