Applying privacy thresholds in Quicksight


I need to apply a privacy threshold on my dashboard, meaning no insight will be shown if less than 50 individual customers are in it.

The solution needs to apply when dynamically filtering the chart, drilling up and down, and across time series as well. It also needs to be scalable across all charts so I dont do it manually every time.

Does anyone have any suggestions of the best way to do this please?

Hi @humphreykelly
Can you please explain your use case? You do not want users to narrow down to a single or certain specific customers?
Are you displaying the list of customers in any place in the dashboards?


Hi @humphreykelly - you could try adding a calculation like:

distinctCountOver({customer}, [], PRE_AGG)

And then setting a filter where this is <=50. Then can apply that to all visuals.

The PRE_AGG part will ensure this is computed after your other filters are applied (vs PRE_FILTER).