Are more flexible date options on the horizon?

Are there plans to implement either of the following?

  • More date filter options (exclude next three days, always show two days from current date)
    *Start and end date parameters that automatically update without needing a dynamic user file attached

Thank you

Exclusions and relative filters are already available. With relative filters, your filter will be sticky to however the analysis is published. For example, if you add a relative filter to the sheet and save as looking at the next 3 days, but excluding today and publish your analysis, it will always populate with that relative next 3 - today value.


Thanks Reid, that works great for excluding a single day but if I wanted to always see two days from the current date, not so much. I would love to see an ‘Exclude next X [period]’ option, or ‘Always Show X [period] from [dimension]’. Are those going to be added?

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Confirming that the QuickSight team is exploring more flexible date horizons.

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