Array to row

I have a field open_dates which is Array of data type SUPER.
Each user will have several open dates in the array, and I need to get all open date for the user to create a line graph.
Is there a way to create a calculated field to flatten array to row?

Hello @patilmeet7 !

I have not worked with a SUPER data type before, but looking into this more you could try using the Extract function to try pulling out pieces of the date as columns.

Out of curiosity, were you able to ingest the super data type into Quicksight?


I was testing this with Redshift and got an error when importing the data into QuickSight

and the field c_orders is the column of type super


The only way I have found to do this from Redshift is to use the unnesting functions integrated with Redshift.

Which if you use in a custom SQL over the table you get a normal dataset you can visualize.

I am not sure if the SUPER datatype is present in other databases or how will it be unnested, but for Redshift you can find more information and the example datasets I used here

Hope this helps!

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Hello @patilmeet7 !

I am going to mark @andres007 comment as the solution. If you still need assistance with this issue please feel free to make another post in the community@