Ask QS to parse empty as <null> when importing CSV

Assuming we have a CSV file on Amazon S3 structured as follows:

1,John,30,New York
2,Lisa,25,San Francisco

Note that there is missing data for the “age” column for the third row and the “city” column for the fourth row.

When importing the CSV file into Amazon QuickSight (QS), how do we ask QS to treat empty values as null? It imports as empty right now with the default setting.

I don’t think you can alter any setting to do that. You would have to make a calculated field that changes it to null.


I can mark this as a feature request

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Thanks for your prompt response, @Max! Dealing with hundreds of columns using the calculated field approach can be cumbersome in our use case. Could you please submit a feature request? We would love to participate in beta-testing this feature once it becomes available.

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