Asset Bundle Import - add permissions support

Hi QuickSight Community,

When importing an asset bundle using start_asset_bundle_import_job, all the assets created don’t have any permissions associated, so they are not visible to anyone, not even the user that created them.

It could be a good idea to add support for permissions in both the export job and the import job, or at least allow an OverrideParameters Permissions property for each resource type?


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Hi @eperts @Max @SD_QS - Can you please help on this, This can be added a feature request in QuickSight.

Regards - Sanjeeb

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Hi @Adrian_Vacaru ,

Support for permissions is something that we have discussed with Dev team in the past. It didn’t make it in current version as we do have the option of using asset specific permission APIs to open up permissions after importing. I have created a PFR for the same. Please have your AWS contact file a customer influence against this PFR (Internal link ). In case you don’t have an AWS contact, send me your org details and I will file it on your behalf.

Arun Santhosh